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150 WATTthe essentials

What we‘re doing is adjusting the way people look at you. And we better get it right too. Together with a select group of experts, eager to get their hands dirty, we love to forge unexpected design that communicates.

Our aim is not to create a cute façade, but to reveal to your audience what drives you. To make a conversation happen.
We could start ours right now.

Rijksstraatweg 6 | 3631 AC, Nieuwersluis | The Netherlands
electric@150watt.net | T +31 (0)6 50625404

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KPNslide presentation

make a slide presentation for KPN’s managing director Joost Farwerck, to be given at webwereld’s National Privacy Debate. This led to the second presentation, for KPN CEO Eelco Blok. Joint project with Kees van Velzen of Third.

have the present audience understand KPN’s decisions and development, through clear, open communication. The information is present in the spoken text, so the visuality has to add something significant.

this presentation convinced the audience, even the criticasters, of KPN’s savoir-faire in this matter. The final presentation yielded great enthusiasm from key KPN executives, and has inspired them to take a different approach to their presentations altogether. After the second presentation, we’ll be training KPN personnel in upgrading presentations.

SBSpresentation templates

Redesign SBS’s corporate WordPress Templates, so that the information is clear and can be printed for handouts

Aside from legibility, a presentation needs to strike a note with its audience on an emotional level. Images are key elements in this. We devised a system where text and image have distinct functions and ways of displaying.

A graphical system  that enables SBS to communicate

LM Wind Power

Make a slide presentation for a training in various international locations of LM Wind Power. Enthusiastically invited by Torben Mølby (performance executive) in reaction to a Vecthorse  presentation on the topic of guides and manuals on company floors.

‘Lean’ manager Fransisco Aburto is a guide in the field of what Lean means for LM Wind Power. His instruction sessions are to the point, clear and inspiring.
Riding on the investigation on the topic of Guides by Vecthorse, 150watt used clear, simple layouts and an instructional how-to approach. To enhance inspiration, we used rich imagery and created custom short video intros to every chapter.

As the center piece of a two day training event, this presentation helped the audience to really engage with the message of improvement LM Wind Power was sending. And of course, a simple, clear presentation is more fun to train with – for both trainer and trainees.

“A success! We’re so enthusiastic that we will now use this presentation throughout our locations worldwide!”
–Francisco Aburto, Lean Manager LM Wind Power

TEEN CHALLENGE NLvisual identity and logo

design a logo and housestyle for Teen Challenge Nederland, an international evangelical organization, that focuses on meeting the needs of people who are living in  the worst situations found in western cites. Joint project with Mark Eikema of Studio Redondo.

connect two different target groups (supporters and clients) to TCN through a strong, unique visual language. Not focusing on the logo (prescribed by the international organisation), we chose bold, very ‘dominant’ typography, and combined it with five different eyecatching graphical forms, to be used throughout TCN’s communication.

a graphical system that breathes ‘city’, ‘hope’, ‘youth’ and ‘reliable’. Teen Challenge is set for the future.

‘We love how people react to the new Teen Challenge Nederland. We can already see the result of a strong visuality!’
–Stephan Barendse, CEO of TCNL 


First off, the challenge was to convince Boekencentrum on re-approaching their website, at our initiative. Being a moderately big publisher with six sub-labels, and many more project websites, we saw possibilities in their website that weren’t covered. Joint project with Mark Eikema of Studio Redondo.

The focus of our approach was usability, and conversion (instead of ‘informing the audience of BC’s products’). Finding what you’re coming for quickly, and being led through strategic parts of the website while you’re there. We simplified the menu structure from seven to four main chapters, took away the ‘cover’ page from the previous site and devised a way to display books in a clear, attractive way.

All of Boekencentrum’s imprints and daughter websites now make use of the new setup, and Boekencentrum claims that sales through this website have grown visibly after the changeover. More than just a pretty face!


BELOKIalbum artwork

Design a package cover for the debut e.p. of this two-piece band.

BELOKI’S music is a nice combination of small, everyday gestures and imaginative creativity. So, I chose to use everyday objects and dramatically change their energy by adding an equally mundane but quirky element. It’s the kind of thing you would do when you’re playing with what you have lying around the house. I chose food for the main objects, because it appeals to the senses.

‘This is absolutely not what we had in mind for this project… and that’s exactly the reason we approached you.”

PEOPLE GET READYalbum artwork

‘We have something to say, and the artwork for our album should show it!’

People Get Ready is an energetic band that reminds us of the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, with an 80’s feel to it. The 80’s feeling is also audible in the engaged lyrics, which was an important subject for the band. Originally, we proposed that the band be engaged through more than music alone – live events on the street, to actually be sort of a movement rather than a band alone. But being true musicians at heart, music it would be.

A recognizable visual language, consisting purely of typography – to emphasize words and their meaning.


Make a website to show Maartje’s work, and sell products.

Maartje is a talented artist, who makes autonomous work and useable products. Her work deserves a good place on everybody’s wall, and that’s the experience we were going for. Using the user’s whole screen, we made sure the artwork had maximum visibility. Elements like cloth, stitches and paper make for a warm, tactile atmosphere.



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